Michael Moore’s Armed Guards?

by John Hawkins | August 4, 2004 9:43 pm

If you were asked to name America’s most prominent advocate of gun control, who would it be? If there was a poll of RWN’s readers, I suspect that Mr. “Bowling For Columbine” himself, Michael Moore, would probably be chosen as the foremost enemy of the 2nd Amendment.

And that is why I found this quote from Spike Lee[1] to be absolutely FASCINATING…

“Michael Moore would not need armed guards around him 24 hours a day if that film had no impact,” says Lee, who spoke to Moore a few days ago. “He’s not happy about it, with his life being threatened. I wouldn’t be happy either.”

Well, well, well, could a man who believes that you don’t have the “right to bear arms” actually have a gun packing bodyguard protecting him? I guess as far as Moore is concerned, there’s one standard for all of us peons and another standard for VILs (very important liberals) like himself.

Sure, Moore may think that “ordinary people” — like YOU — can’t be trusted to have a gun to defend your families. It’s just too risky. Oh, but if Michael Moore might be in danger, well that’s a different matter all together; he’s special, you see, the rules that he wants to apply to the “little people” shouldn’t apply to him.

If Spike Lee is right and Michael Moore’s bodyguards are packing heat, then even liberals should roll their eyes in contempt when, in defiance of the Constitution, he calls for taking guns away from his fellow Americans.

  1. Spike Lee: http://www.azcentral.com/ent/movies/articles/0729spikelee29.html

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