Milking Multiculturalism

Multicultimoonbattery isn’t cheap:

A police force spent £100,000 on a failed attempt to find protective headgear that fits over Sikh officers’ turbans.

West Midlands Police started its search after one Sikh constable decided he wanted to join the counter-terrorist Operational Support Unit.

Sikh immigrants refuse to take off their turbans or trim their beards. If this causes problems, the West must reengineer society as necessary to facilitate their customs. Religions are sacred, so long as they aren’t Christianity.

The Sikh who claimed discrimination was kept on full pay while assigned the task of finding equipment that would fit over his Sikh attire. Finally he gave up and went on long-term sick leave, because he suffers from “stress.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Good thing taxpayers have plenty of money.

Let me guess: This one’s on disability because of a sore neck.

On a tip from Oiao. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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