Mini-Movie Review — The Matrix Reloaded

by John Hawkins | May 16, 2003 11:59 pm

Mini-Movie Review — The Matrix Reloaded: I enjoyed “The Matrix” enough to rank it #40 in an article called “My Favorite 50 Movies Of All-Time[1]“. That’s why I was really looking forward to seeing the sequel, the ‘Matrix Reloaded’. Apparently, a lot of other people felt the same way since the movie set a record[2] by raking in $42.5 million dollars on its opening day.

So, did the movie live up to the hype? Honestly, no it didn’t. There were a few problems with the movie that kept it from being the equal of its predecessor. To begin with, the first 25 minutes or so, everything that happened in Zion, was not only deadly dull, but pointless. The new characters introduced there were all so insubstantial and lifeless that I don’t even remember their names. Then there was the impossibly bad, totally pointless, and unbelievably long dance sequence in Zion that made me want to poke myself in the eyes because I was so bored. In short, the start of the movie was simply bad.

There was one other thing that annoyed me about the movie in particular and that was the seemingly endless amount of philosophical BS that characters kept spouting throughout the movie. The only movie I can think of that tried to pass off more philosophy 101 gibberish as dialogue than this movie was “Invincible”.

On the other hand, the movie did have some things going for it. While there was no character development to speak of amongst the humans, the “Matrix” added a few new twists. You see, there are “bugs” in the system that sometimes work at cross purposes with the “Matrix” itself. Since they’ve already showed some of his new powers in the previews, I don’t think I’m giving away too much by letting you know that Agent Smith is now one of those “bugs”.

The action ranged from the sort of standard fare you’d see in a barely above average martial arts movies to stunningly spectacular sequences like Neo’s brawl with the “Agent Smiths” & the mind-blowing “freeway scene”. Of course, the special effects were superb as well.

While “The Matrix Reloaded” is a decent movie that does get a thumbs up, it doesn’t live up to hype. Is it a watchable movie? Yes, but don’t expect to enjoy yourself as much as you did while you were watching “The Matrix”.

PS: If you wait all the way through the incredibly long credits at the end of the movie, they show a short preview of the last movie in the “Matrix Trilogy” that is supposed to come out in November.

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