Misc Commentary For June 25, 2004

by John Hawkins | June 25, 2004 11:59 pm

— This post from Joyce at “Love and Sex and Loneliness[1]” is undoubtedly the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me…

“i love john hawkins

Everytime John Hawkins at Right Wing News links to me my hits skyrocket. I wonder if I ever actually retain any of the readers he sends my way. Anyway, it’s such a rush seeing myself linked on RWN because John Hawkins is definitely one of my favorite bloggers if not the favorite. It’s like being noticed by a celebrity!”

Awww, it’s nice to be appreciated…

— Bush has surged past Kerry in the polls. He has gone 7-1-1 against Kerry in the latest head to head[2] & 3-Way Race Bush-Kerry-Nader[3] polls. That’s a change from May, when Kerry had an edge in the national polls…

Rachel Lucas[4] is such a tease! Here’s this incredibly talented writer/ranter, people love her work. But, just as she starts really picking up steam, getting in that 4000-5000 reader a day range, she posts less and less and eventually quits.

Then she comes back…she doesn’t post as much, and now it looks like she has given up the ghost again. It just kills me that someone who can write like Rachel, who was building a huge audience, just said “forget about it”. Had she kept going this whole time, she’d probably be in the 10,000-15,000 reader range, making a G a month + through blogads[5], and most importantly, to me at least, I’d have one more awesome daily read.

Read this column she let me post on RWN, “Michael Moore: A Psychological Analysis[6]” and you’ll see part of the reason those of us who remember Rachel from back in the day miss her writing so much…

— Dick, Dick, Dick. It doesn’t matter whether you felt better[7] after telling Patrick Leahy to go F— yourself[8] or even whether he deserved to be told off. The veep should not be dropping F-bombs on the Senate floor. It’s beneath the dignity of the office.

— The GOP is going to have some heavy hitters speaking at the Republican National Convention[9]. Not only will W speak, John Kerry’s first choice for VP, John McCain, will get to say a few words and we will also see Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, & now Zell Miller[10]. If you ask me, that’s going to blow away the Dem’s “same old same old,” Bill & Hill, Kerry, Al Gore, and whoever Kerry’s choice for veep is. The Dems are also going to be saddled with a much earlier convention as well as losers like Al Sharpton (what, was Louis Farrakhan unavailable?) and Howard “Yeeeearrrgggghhh” Dean. The Dems will of course get a bounce from the convention, but I’ll be interested to see if they go way over the top with lots of moonbattery and crazed rhetoric that will hurt them overall. It seems like that kind of year…

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