Misc Commentary For October 12, 2004

— You know, I’ve seen politicians make some outrageous promises before an election, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything to top this

“If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is President, people like Christopher Reeve will get up out of that wheelchair and walk again..”

That’s right folks, if you vote for John Kerry, the crippled will literally be able to get up out of their chairs and walk again! However, there’s no word yet on whether John Kerry will also find the Fountain of Youth, invent a time machine, figure out how to turn lead into gold, or raise your loved ones from the dead. But stay tuned, the campaign isn’t over yet…

— If you take a look at the Battleground Polls, John Kerry has definitely helped himself with the debates. But, given how things have changed, I can sum it up for you like this….

If Bush wins 2 out of 3 in Florida, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, he wins the election. If Kerry wins 2 out of 3, it’s going to be another nail biter, like 2000, but maybe even worse because of the Colorado initiative that would split their electoral votes retroactively for this election. If either candidate wins all of the “big 3” states mentioned above, they win the election.

— The producers of In The Face Of Evil put together a nifty little commercial featuring Ronald Reagan blasting Walter Mondale and his ideological soulmate John Kerry in this SWEET commercial…

— Here’s the latest JibJab video, it’s Good To Be In DC!, which I think every blog junky around may have already seen except me. But heck, there may be a few stragglers left, so enjoy!

— Jay Nordlinger warns Americans that they better understand exactly what they’re going to get if they vote for John Kerry…

“I really don’t care how people vote as long as they know what they’re voting for. (Needless to say, I care — but you know what I mean, in this instance.) In the last few days, I’ve thought about 1992. In that year, Governor Clinton of Arkansas ran a quite conservative campaign, getting to the right of the incumbent Republican on issue after issue. Americans elected him by a plurality. At the time of his inauguration, Barbra Streisand shrieked into a microphone — this was at an event held in the Cap Center, outside Washington — “We’re in, we’re in! At long last, we’re in!” And I remarked, “What do you mean, ‘we’?” Clinton hadn’t campaigned that way. He was anything but Hollywood Left.

But it didn’t matter: He was in, and so were they.

This is how it could happen next month. Americans may vote for this tough-minded, articulate hawk we see in the debates — the guy who looks uncannily like Senator Kerry, the longtime senator from Massachusetts. And then, when he’s in, that whole crowd will be in: Charlie Rangel, the Deaniacs, MoveOn.org, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, all of them. It’ll be their victory.”

John Kerry is a very liberal, dovish, internationalist, who considers Ted Kennedy to be a mentor, has a record of supporting tax increases, and is hostile to the military and our intelligence services. It doesn’t matter how he campaigns, if he wins, that John Kerry, the real John Kerry is going to shine through…

— Any movie that features Euro-weenie Hans Blix being fed to a shark by Kim Jung-Il is a movie you can be sure that I’ll be going to see this week-end…

Also, I’m hearing that Michael Moore literally EXPLODES at one point during the movie. Now, if I find out that Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan also explode and/or are fed to sharks during the movie, I may actually go see it TWICE this week-end.

From the movie, “Team America: World Police“, courtesy of INDC Journal.

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