More Things To Ponder

by John Hawkins | July 15, 2003 11:59 pm

More Things To Ponder:Here are some things I wanted to mention that probably weren’t quite developed enough to merit their own posts…

— Today, Senator Hillary Clinton, the woman many Dems want to run for President said this[1]….

“Asked whether she regretted voting for the war resolution, Clinton said “I’m going to reserve judgment until I see some evidence.”

So she can’t make up her mind about whether she should have voted for the war was or not? Isn’t that just like a woman — kidding, I’m kidding — that’s just a little Vast Right Wing Conspiracy humor. Besides, if being wishy-washy about the war was a female trait, how could you explain John Edwards, John Kerry, & Dick Gephardt?

— This is just poor planning[2] on the part of the Bush administation,

“The Justice Department on Monday refused to produce an al-Qaida prisoner for questioning by terrorism suspect Zacarias Moussaoui, an extraordinary defiance of a judge’s order that could trigger legal punishments.

Excuse me, but why didn’t the Bush administration send this guy to Guantanamo Bay in the first place if they didn’t want this sort of thing to happen? He’s not an American citizen so they could have easily shipped him off to Gitmo, but nooooooo, they decided to send him though the court system. Well, they decided to go that way, so as far as I’m concerned, they should do what the court tells them to do. They made their bed, now they should lie in it.

— The Senate is going to kill “Total Information Awareness[3]“. Given that even Conservatives seem to be largely opposed to the program, it should have been killed by the Bush administration long ago.

— RWN reader Staff Sgt. K, USAF writes…

“Hello Mr. Hawkins. I am a regular reader of your blog, and would first like to say that I really enjoy reading it and thanks, especially for the entertainment sections (ACPOTI, etc.).

However, after reading several stories of “Buck the Marine”, I took a little bit of offense to it. I know it is satire, and I know that you have the greatest respect for those in uniform, (such as myself), but it still seems to portray all serving men and women as illiterate dolts whose only purpose in life is to “kill foreners”.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not whining about how “politically incorrect” this is, but am simply asking you to use discrection in what kind of satire you choose to post. Thanks.”

Staff Sgt. K

Like you said, I have nothing but respect for our men and women and uniform. So of course, I wouldn’t put up the ‘Buck the Marine’ material if I thought it was disrespectful to our armed forces. But the whole “In my world[4]” series that Buck comes from is part of a style of comedy that emphasizes playing up the stereotypes that liberals have of Conservatives. It’s the same sort of humor that inspired the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy humor that I wrote here[5], here[6], & here[7]. Then there’s my favorite image from the Simpsons…

Buck the marine is just meant to be funny, not a slap at the people putting their lives on the line to defend our freedom. So keep that in mind when you read it — oh and thanks for serving our country.

— Boy the media is really reaching for more WMD “scandals”. Just look at this title, “CIA: Assessment of Syria’s WMD exaggerated.” Woah! Sounds big huh? Know what the crux of the story is? “Anonymous sources” claim that John Bolton was going to exaggerate the threat of Syria’s WMD today, but the speech was postponed. Yes, Bolton didn’t actually say anything today, but he was going to exaggerate — really he was — the anonymous sources say so! Bolton was going to lie & people were going to die! Impeach Bush and Bolton now! Now! Wait — does Syria have oil? They do? No blood for oil! (Have I mentioned that I’ve grown to really distrust any controversial story based on anonymous sources?)

— Here’s an interesting theoretical question that we may have to actually consider in the next few months. Let’s say that for whatever reason, we believe there’s a better than high probability that North Korea is on the verge of launching a nuclear strike and starting up another Korean war. The North Koreans are certainly capable of blowing Seoul to pieces with all the artillery they already have in place and although we’re not sure of exactly what their nuclear capabilities are, it’s possible that they may be capable of launching a nuke that can hit Japan or POSSIBLY even the Western United States. If we believed that there was a high chance of war and we believed the only way to keep them from destroying Seoul & launching nukes would be to preemptively nuke them first, would you support it or would you risk the consequences of not acting? That may sound like a fantastic scenario, but it’s not as farfetched as you think. Personally, if I thought there war was likely and I thought nuking them first would make it highly unlikely that they would be unable to respond with nukes, I wouldn’t hesitate to hit ’em and I guarantee you that there are more than a few people in the Bush administration who think the same way. It’s the old, “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” philosophy taken to a national level. So when the North Koreans go shooting off at the mouth about their nuclear capacity & making threats, they should understand how fatal it could be if the Bush administration starts to take them seriously.

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More Things To Ponder

by John Hawkins | July 11, 2003 11:28 pm

More Things To Ponder: — Don’t get too excited since we’ve had a number of false starts already, but…[1]

“THE US has discovered what it believes is decisive proof of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs and taken the material to the US for testing.

US Undersecretary of State John Bolton told The Weekend Australian the US had evidence it hoped would prove Iraq’s previous possession of WMD.

Well-informed sources have now told The Weekend Australian that US soldiers made the discovery in Iraq two weeks ago. They believe the material will contain chemical weapons materials.”

— This is something you don’t see often enough and it should be applauded[2]…

“Grand Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi of the Al-Azhar mosque of Cairo – which is seen as the highest authority in Sunni Islam – said groups which carried out suicide bombings were the enemies of Islam.

Speaking at the conference in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, Sheikh Tantawi said extremist Islamic groups had appropriated Islam and its notion of jihad, or holy struggle, for their own ends.

He called on Muslim nations to open themselves to dialogue with the West saying Islamic nations should “wholeheartedly open our arms to the people who want peace with us.

…Sheikh Tantawi said Muslim suicide attacks, including those against Israelis, were wrong and could not be justified.”

— I ran across this email on Roger Simon’s page[3]…

“Also, wanted to share my thoughts on Iraq. This way’s best, as it would’ve for sure cast a pall on the dinner conversation. But there it is: I think it’s rapidly turning to sh*t in Iraq. Reinforcing that belief is the fact that the neo-con bloggers barely want to talk about it: not Sullivan, not LGF, not you. David Warren is the exception & he tries to say things really aren’t so bad. But, I fear, they are.”

Personally, I don’t talk a lot about what’s going in Iraq because the same media that was crying “quagmire” during the war puts such a negative spin on everything that it’s almost impossible to tell what’s really going on. The mainstream media usually talks “growing resistance”, how the Iraqis all hate us, the museum is missing 170,000 artifacts, our soldier’s morale is shot, etc, etc. Yet polls show the majority of Iraqis want us there and several knowledgable sources (Warren included) say things that contradict the usual negative line. But the poor quality of information overall makes it very difficult to figure out what’s really going on. It’s like someone in the Soviet Union in the eighties picking through Pravda and trying to figure out what the truth is and what the lies are. Until the quality of the info improves, it’s hard to write about what’s going on except in relatively general terms.

— Considering that what Bush said in the SOTU was actually true even though the CIA was uncertain about the conclusion the British reached, Tenet shouldn’t be in any trouble. However, he’s in the same unenviable position that Trent Lott was. Democrats want a scalp and the GOP doesn’t like him very much and wouldn’t mind seeing him take a fall. This whole “Niger forgery scandal” is a big sack of nothing that isn’t going to hurt Bush, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see Tenet crash and burn over it anyway.

— If this[4] turns out to be solid, it’s a huge story that Glenn Reynolds broke before all the big boys…

“One of the lawyers with whom I have been working for the past five weeks had come to me and asked me whether a list of the 600 people closest to Saddam Hussein would be of any value now to the Americans.

I said, yes, of course. He said that the list contained not only the names of the 55 ”deck of cards” players who have already been revealed, but also 550 others.

When I began questioning him about the list, how he obtained it and what else it showed, he asked would it be of interest to the Americans to know that Saddam had an ongoing relationship with Osama bin Laden.

I said yes, the Americans have, so far as I am aware, have never been able to prove that relationship, but the president and others have said that they believe it exists. He said, ”Well, judge, there is no doubt it exists, and I will bring you the proof tomorrow.”

So today he brought me the proof, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is right.

The document shows that an Iraqi intelligence officer, Abid Al-Karim Muhamed Aswod, assigned to the Iraq embassy in Pakistan, is ”responsible for the coordination of activities with the Osama bin Laden group.”

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