Morning Glory – Sept. 24

by Katie Favazza | September 24, 2008 8:46 am


Just For Fun

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  1. Democrats to Let Offshore Drilling Ban Expire:;_ylt=AkS1kUUGueVd9ptwmYbDdiOMwfIE
  2. Obama Ad Distorts McCain’s Record on Stem Cells:,0,5714398.story
  3. this link:
  4. this link:
  5. my good friend Kevin:
  6. Where Have All the Protests Gone?:
  7. The Great Bail-Out on the Hill: A Day in Quotes:
  8. House GOP Rises Up Against Cheney:
  9. Can’t We Just Hold the Election Now?:
  10. Joe Biden Racks Up Four Quote Mishaps in a Week:
  11. Obama and Ahmadinejad:
  12. Catholic University Students Campaign for Obama:
  13. John Hawkins’ Blog Talk Radio Show:
  14. iPhoneless Patrick McMullan Creates iPhone Magazine:
  15. :
  16. Where Have All the Commas Gone?:
  17. :
  18. Fake Popup Study Sadly Confirms Most Users Are Idiots:
  19. What “Fireworks” Are They Talking About?:
  20. 11 Year-Old Suspended For Wearing Anti-Obama Shir:
  21. Morning Reading List (yesterday):

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