MSNBC, Gannon, & Thanks For The Dough

by John Hawkins | February 28, 2005 12:09 am

Three things I wanted to note:

1) RWN received a very brief mention in a piece on MSNBC called “What Is A Blog?”. You can see the video here[1].

2) My “Applying The ‘Gannon Standard’[2]” apparently went over really well with Jeff Gannon because he linked to it on his homepage. Too bad he sent his readers to my syndicated piece at Men’s News Daily[3] because he looks to be getting a heck of a lot of traffic.

3) Thanks to everyone who contributed via Paypal after finding out that I was going to be blogging professionally[4]. I raked in about $450 over the week-end which is pretty impressive given that I bet you I’ve received less than $250 in donations since I started the blog in 2000.

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