My 11 Favorite Women Bloggers

by John Hawkins | July 11, 2003 12:53 pm

My 11 Favorite Women Bloggers: Just for the heck of it, here are my favorite blogs done by women — in order.

**Just as a side note, these sorts of lists change all the time depending on my mood, how often their page is being updated, etc. So don’t take it personally if you were left off or didn’t rank as high as you thought you should.**

11) On The Third Hand[1]
10) A Gaggle Of Gals (And One Guy)[2]
9) Transcended[3]
8) Up Yours! …And Other Helpful Tips[4]
7) Courtney[5]
6) Cut On The Bias[6]
5) Right We Are[7]
4) Electric Venom[8]
3) Betsy’s Page[9]
2) A Small Victory[10]
1) Rachel Lucas[11]

  1. On The Third Hand:
  2. A Gaggle Of Gals (And One Guy):
  3. Transcended:
  4. Up Yours! …And Other Helpful Tips:
  5. Courtney:
  6. Cut On The Bias:
  7. Right We Are:
  8. Electric Venom:
  9. Betsy’s Page:
  10. A Small Victory:
  11. Rachel Lucas:

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