My Favorite Quotes From Angela McGlowan’s “Bamboozled”

by John Hawkins | July 16, 2007 9:00 am

My favorite quotes from Angela McGlowan’s Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda[1].

“Most Americans recognize that over the last forty years there has been a breakdown of the traditional family. And over the last few years, that breakdown has accelerated. Just ask Thomas B. Edsall, former Washington Post political writer. In his 2006 book, Building Red America, Edsall notes that almost 70 percent of black children and one-third of all children as born to unmarried mothers.” — P.5

“The liberal line is that poverty is caused by a vicious brew of “institutional” racism — conservative policies promoted by racist Republicans — combined with high incarceration rates of black males. In the fashion typical of bamboozlers, these liberals have it exactly backwards. Conservative policy prescriptions aren’t the cause of underachievement for minorities and the poor, they’re the cure. And furthermore, Republicans advocate policies that recognize the innate value of all humans, as opposed to the liberal policies that demean the poor and disadvantaged by encouraging victimhood.” — P.8

“Consider that in 1960, only 5.3 percent of all children in America were born out of wedlock; by 2004, that figure had rocketed up to 35.7 percent.” — P.9

“The exploitation agenda advocated by liberals is modeled after the dependency-inducing design of the drug dealer’s business model: “We’ll supply the first hit for free, and after that, you’ll need us forever in order to survive.” In order for the liberal scheme to succeed, all attempts at self-empowerment or individual initiative are to be met with fierce resistance and social sanction.” — P.11

“The bamboozlers’ mantra became: “We liberals are here to help you. Don’t let those evil conservatives judge you. You’re the victim! You shouldn’t have to work. Your standard of living isn’t your responsibility. It’s ours. You don’t need to marry your baby’s daddy. Uncle Sam is your baby’s daddy, and will be as long as you keep voting for us.” — P.13

“Here again, soaring out-of-wedlock birthrates had conflated the already sizable challenges out-of-wedlock children face, which, according to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Meavitt, include lower academic performance; being twice as likely to use drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco; being more likely to be physically abused or suffer physical or emotional neglect; and seven times more likely to live in poverty.” — P. 15

“In speaking with Fox News commentator and author Juan Williams, he noted that there is a simple four step “magic formula” young people can follow to get out of poverty:

1. Finish high school and preferably college.
2. Take a job and hold it.
3. Marry after finishing school and while you have a job.
4. Delay marriage and having children until after one’s twenty-first birthday.

Williams says that any man or woman who follows this path of personal responsibility can cut their chances of being poor by two-thirds.” — P.15-16

“In his book White Guilt, Shelby Steele explains that white guilt remains one of the liberals’ greatest sources of power. “In the age of white guilt,” writes Steele, “whites support all manner of silly racial policies without seeing that their true motivation is simply to show themselves innocent of racism.” The bamboozlers know of this phenomenon and exploit it regularly.” p.24

“According to the National Restaurant Association, following the 1996 minimum wage increase, at least 146,000 restaurant workers lost their jobs. Furthermore, according to the President and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, Thomas J. Donohue, raising the minimum wage just $.50 an hour in 1996 destroyed 645,000 entry-level jobs despite the robust economy at the time.” — P.34
“Thomas Sowell points out that higher labor costs result in fewer jobs. Because the workforce is made up of individuals with varying skill levels, minimum wage laws disproportionately impact young, unskilled workers with limited experience. “In the United States,” says Sowell, “the group hit hardest by minimum wage laws is black male teenagers. Those who refuse to acknowledge that the minimum wage is the reason for high unemployment rates among young blacks blame racism, lack of education, and whatever else occurs to them.” — P.35

“I grew up in segregation,” says New York Times best-selling conservative author Shelby Steele, “so I really know what racism is. I went to a segregated school. I bow to no one in my knowledge of racism, which is one of the reasons why I say white privilege is not a problem….Racism is about eighteenth on a list of problems black America faces.” — P.38-39

“As the old saying goes, “money is power” and the more money the government takes, the more power it has over individuals.” — P.47

“Peter Schweizer has demonstrated, millionaire donations to the Democrats far outpace those given to the GOP by a ratio of 12 to 1. Indeed, the average donation to the Republican National Committee is roughly $50, hardly George Soros territory. What’s more, he notes the left-wing newsmagazine Mother Jones reported that eighteen of the top twenty-five individual donors to all political campaigns were Democrats, not Republicans. According to Schweizer, “Ironically Democrats, who talk about income inequality and plutocracy, are now the party of the super rich.” — P.48

“According to the US Department of Education, in constant 2002 dollars, total US K-12 spending increased for $4,505 per student in 1970 to $9,553 in 2002. Despite the surge in spending, student performance on SAT scores actually fell, from 1049 in 1970 to 1026 in 2003.” — P.57

“In 2005, the District of Columbia spent a whopping $13,328 per student, when the national average that year was just under $10,000. And how does it fare? Its scores are among the worst in the nation.” — P.57

“Without any scientific justification, liberals hoodwink black and Latino parents into believing that having more minorities teach their children will improve their performance. When Wallace, Lester Maddox, and Bull Connor supported doing this, we called them racists. Isn’t it ironic that many of the advocates of this policy today belong to the same party as George Wallace and Lester Maddox?” — P.60

“According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, from 1976 to 2004, 94 percent of all black murders were committed by blacks.” — P.90

“What Longoria is lamenting is what pollsters call the “God Gap.” It’s a phenomenon that reveals that, overall, the more regularly a person attends church, the less likely he or she is to vote Democratic.” — P.116

“There comes a moment in every young black person’s life, sometimes in college, when he or she asks a silent but powerful question: Why do we all vote for a party that’s against almost everything that’s integral to our faith? The faith that is reflected in the powerful Negro hymnals which sustained us through slavery, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement? Are we to believe that it’s no longer relevant today? Why are we so loyal to those most hostile to our faith? It’s a question many blacks ask silently. I know I did. It’s a question that you want to tuck right back down where it came from. Well, you figure, There must be something I’ve yet to learn. There must be something I don’t know that explains why we vote against our values. Many Latinos go through the same process. But there isn’t anything that explains it. There’s fear. There’s social sanction. There’s being ostracized. And that’s it.” — P.119-120

“While embarrassing and inconvenient to many Democrats, it is a fact that Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor, the Birmingham, Alabama, police commissioner who infamously turned dogs and fire hoses on black Americans, was a Democrat, not a Republican. In fact, if you’ve ever seen a case where a black was stoned, lynched, tarred and feathered, or prevented from voting, the person or persons who did this to them was most likely a Democrat” — P.140

“Other blacks give LBJ glowing credit for advancing the cause of civil rights. “I happen to think that Lyndon Baines Johnson was the greatest President in our nation’s history, short of Abraham Lincoln,” Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. told me. This is curious logic, to be sure. If you hate blacks all your life and then do the right thing, you’re a hero. But, if you fight for justice and equality all your life, but happen to be a Republican, such as Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois, the real hero of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, you’re undeserving of praise and support? That doesn’t wash.” — P.165

“(E)ven when voters are informed about the murderous, hate-filled history of the Democrats, liberals erase their party’s entire history with a blanket statement that claims, over the last forty years, there has been a migration of the racists out of the Democratic Party and into the GOP. Secretary Jackson says that’s hardly true. “Now the Democrats came back with a unique argument and they said that they all became Republicans. Only one of them became a Republican, and that was Strom Thurmond. The rest of them stayed Democrats until the day that they died — they didn’t change parties….Fulbright and Albert Gore, Sr. (father of former vice president Al Gore), et cetera.” — P.171-172

“Moreover, Americans should never forget that it was as recently as 1967 that Southern Democrats filibustered federal anti-lynching legislation. Lynching! In 1967!” — P.172

“Jesse Jackson and Julian Bond. See, that’s a racket — they have got to keep this information from being disseminated. They have to, if they are going to stay in place,” Secretary Alphonso Jackson said. “That’s what most black people don’t understand. The civil rights movement is unlike what Reverend King talked about — it’s a business now. So the business is to keep us uninformed — that’s the business. Isn’t it amazing that Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Rod Paige have never been on the cover of Jet, Ebony, or Essence, or Black Enterprise magazine? Isn’t it amazing?” — P.181

“The NAACP should know about funding from big groups, because it is funded by liberal white organizations,” (Armstrong) Williams told the Washington Times. “It gets money and backing from the NEA [National Education Association], the AFL-CIO, and look at who is sponsoring its convention.” Interestingly, the sponsors include some of the very companies liberals love to hate most, such as Wal-Mart, Shell Oil, and General Motors, each of whom chipped in anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 for past NAACP conventions.” — P.191

“It’s often said that the Democrats fight “for the little guy.” That’s true: liberals fight to make sure the little guy stays little! Think about it. What if all the little guys were to prosper and become big guys? Then what? Who would liberals pretend to fight for? If the bamboozlers fight for anything, it’s to ensure that the little guy stays angry at those nasty conservatives who are holding him down.” — P.207

“As BBC reporter Nick Bryant has written, “The Kennedy administration taught Washington an ugly political lesson: that politicians could win black support through grand symbolic gestures which obviated the need for truly substantive reforms.” P.211-212

“The trouble with today’s feminist movement, says Caitlin Flanagan, is that “it refuses to acknowledge a truth as old as civilization: that a woman’s ambition to be a wife and mother can be just as powerful as her ambition to become a respected member of the labor force.” — P.241

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