My Latest (And First) Pajama’s Media Column: Russia As Abusive Ex, Georgia As Battered Wife

by Melissa Clouthier | August 13, 2008 3:35 pm

My latest column at Pajama’s Media[1] is called Russia As Abusive Ex, Georgia As Battered Wife. Here’s an excerpt from the column,

The trend of blaming the victim was there before Russia invaded Georgia; this current conflict was just the latest and most obvious example. Yes, it may seem absurd, but in the case of the Caucasus war, some are indeed blaming the victim — and anyone who supports the victim.

You read the idea here first, the other day, but there is a more fleshed out article there. You can read it all here[2]. I hope you’ll go over and check it out. Thanks!

As an aside, I want you all to know that John is the catalyst for and encourager to many online success stores. I am personally profoundly grateful for his friendship and the opportunities blogging with him has given me. You guys know him as a great writer and lover of all things conservative politics. He is certainly that. He is also a nice person and generous promoter of unsung talent.

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