My Latest Pajama’s Media Article: Yes Indeed–You Can Be Fit And Fat

by Melissa Clouthier | September 17, 2008 6:50 pm

Hi all, obviously I’m back for now. I’m blogging from Florida where I’m staying with my brother. While word on the street is that power has returned to my neighborhood, phone service has not. So, I might be back in The Woodlands and not have a computer connection.

My house is fine and I’m just now having time to catch up and saw your kind comments. Thank you so much. You people are the best, except the one person who gives every post one star. Dang!

Here’s my latest article for Pajamas Media[1]. Man, don’t tell the zealots that it’s possible to carry a few extra pounds and be healthy. Nothing worse than health Nazis, I swear. And in my profession, I’m surrounded by them. My problem with that attitude is that so many people give up because they feel there is no way to perfectly succeed. And health care professionals who don’t recognize the mixed messages aren’t paying attention.

  1. Here’s my latest article for Pajamas Media:

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