My Ten Favorite YouTube Videos Of All-Time

by John Hawkins | April 10, 2008 8:00 am

My Ten Favorite YouTube Videos Of All-Time

No movie promos, campaign videos, debate clips, professional music videos, or TV comedy skits allowed because I’d rather give the amateurs the credit…

10) “It’s Not a Tumor” Music Video: This is just so original.

9) NASCAR Tips For Democrats: The Red State Update guys have actually done several really funny videos, but because they’re so topical, they usually don’t translate well a few months later. This one is still pretty funny though.

8) Barack Obama: A Tribute to Hope: The language is a little dirty, but it keeps you laughing because it’s the one political ad that isn’t trying to accomplish anything other than being funny.

7) THE ORIGINAL Scary ‘Mary Poppins’ Recut Trailer: Recutting Mary Poppins into a horror movie. Brilliantly done.

6) All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us: The best “All Your Base” tribute video ever.

5) Fellowship 9/11: If you combined Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11” with Lord of the Rings…

4) Mike Valley, Skater fight: The action is AWESOME, but be forewarned that the soundtrack is really profane.

3) Pre-School Political Ad: McCain should totally hire this guy.

2) JibJab – “This Land”: A chuckle worthy video from the Kerry/Bush contest in 2004.

1) Unfastened Coins: Titanic Conspiracy: Hilariously funny and a dead-on impression of conspiracy theorists.

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