Nanny State: Mom Arrested For Swearing in Front of Her Kids

Nanny State: Mom Arrested For Swearing in Front of Her Kids

Once upon a time, in the United States of America, we used to have this really amazing thing called “freedom of speech”. Apparently we don’t anymore, judging by the case of Danielle Wolf, a mother who was arrested for the horrific crime of dropping an f-bomb in front of her kids.


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A North Augusta, SC woman has been arrested for cursing in front of her impressionable little children. Yes, you read that correctly. Looks like law enforcement just won’t stand for a potty mouth.

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As reported by the Independent Journal Review:

Danielle Wolf was grocery shopping with her husband and two children when her husband did something that made her very angry. Apparently he placed a frozen pizza on top of a loaf of bread, resulting in the bread being squished by said frozen pizza. Danielle’s reaction? She yelled at her husband to “stop squishing the f***ing bread.”

And that’s when things got interesting.

A woman witnessed the profanity in the grocery store and thought Wolf had directed the word to her young children. She called the police, who promptly arrested Wolf after she explained that she was cursing her good-for-nothing, bread-squishing husband, not her kids.

The woman was technically in violation of South Carolina law, which prohibits “obscene or profane language on any highway or at any public place or gathering or in hearing distance of any schoolhouse or church.” Still, don’t you think it was a little extreme to arrest her? I certainly don’t know any parents who haven’t accidentally let a curse word or two fly in front of their kids before.

Wolf may not be the classiest of women, but arresting a woman for saying the f-word in front of her kids is hardly an atrocity. The real atrocity here is this recent rash of people who feel the need to call police any time they see a parent behaving in a way that they personally find unacceptable. Is this what we’ve been reduced to?

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