NARAL’s Anti-Alito Petition Drive Flops By Betsy Newmark

by John Hawkins | January 10, 2006 9:39 pm

NARAL has come up a mite bit short [1] on their stated effort to gather half a million signatures opposing Sam Alito.

NARAL’s Goal:

“To Convince Enough Senators That Alito Is Wrong For Our Country, We Are
Setting A Goal Of Gathering 500,000 Petition Signatures To Deliver To
The Senate.” (NARAL Email, “Just 5 Days Left!” 12/5/05)

NARAL’s Result:

“With The Help Of More Than 50 Volunteers We Were Able To … Enter
2,000 Signatures Into Our Activist Database From The ‘Oppose Alito’
Petition Drive …” (NARAL Email, “Thanks For Your Hard Work!” 1/10/06)

And they’ll still be all over TV trying to show that American women are afraid of Alito’s confirmation, when the evidence is that most women either don’t care or want Alito to be confirmed.

Just one more sign of NARAL’s diminishing power and influence. The only people still paying attention to them are the media.

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