Nastapo Shriek over Potent Beer

Beer is too good not to find itself targeted by the Nanny State Police, or as reader Matt L. calls them, the Nastapo. The less wimpy the beer, the more we need to be protected from it. Award-winning Scottish microbrewery BrewDog is in hot water for creating a specialty brew called Tokyo that is 12% alcohol.

Bruce Ritson, chairman of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, shrieks like a little girl with a rat running up the inside of her skirt:

It is the last thing we need. It is absolutely the wrong direction to be going as far as Scotland’s health problems are concerned. If it became popular it would have devastating consequences for health as well as social order and violence on the streets.

Echoes Richard Simpson, Labour’s public health spokesman:

Since a huge proportion of alcohol in Scotland is consumed in the form of beer, this product is hugely irresponsible.

Chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland Jack Law wants to know:

What justification can there possibly be to bring an extra strong beer on to the market?

The justification for bringing any product on the market is a perceived demand. But BrewDog co-owner James Watt offers this:

Our beers are targeted at and drunk by connoisseurs, and we strive to educate our customers that full-flavor beer can be enjoyed in moderation as opposed to heavily drinking cheaper, bland beers.

The beers that we make are to be savored and enjoyed. The (£4 per 330ml bottle) price takes it away from the market that are just drinking beer to get drunk. We in fact are the cure and not the problem.

This appeal to reason is unlikely to penetrate the gelatinous skulls of the Nastapo, who have been attempting by increments to impose prohibition. Already Scottish bureauweenies are considering jacking up the price of alcoholic drinks by 75%.

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