New Jersey Assemblyman on Gay Marriage: Let the People Decide

by Sharon Soon | August 21, 2008 9:23 pm

Once again, New Jersey seems to be vying for the title of the most radically liberal state in the country. Fortunately, NJ Assemblyman Mike Doherty has shown himself to be one of the best guys we have got fighting for us. While far too many of our Republican officials are apathetic or too afraid to bring up issues that concern the social conservative, or else take a liberal stance themselves, Doherty doesn’t seem to quiver at the challenge. In fact, he’ll take the lead. This time, New Jersey news is reporting that just after Garden State Equality, a gay rights activist group, released poll results showing that most NJ voters favor legalizing gay marriage, Doherty is calling for an amendment to be passed that would let the voters decide.[1]

“The people of New Jersey should have the final say on this fundamental issue and it’s time to allow their voices to be heard so that we can put this diversion behind us and move forward on real issues that are affecting our residents,” said Doherty in a press release.

The poll, which was released yesterday, found that New Jersey voters support allowing gays to marry by a margin of 50% to 42%.

Doherty said that the gay marriage issue was a smokescreen to distract voters from Gov. Corzine’s low poll numbers, a high cost of living, a “back breaking” debt and high property taxes. He said that the issue was raised last year to distract from Gov. Corzine’s highly unpopular – and now dead–asset monetization plan.

It seems a pattern has emerged where Mr. Goldstein [Chair of Garden State Equality] and other funded agitators pop up when necessary to run interference for the Corzine Administration and other Democrats when they are either considering unpopular proposals such as their highly controversial ‘asset monetization’ scheme or an official’s low performance ratings,” he said. “Either way, it’s a constant agitation of society much like former President Bill Clinton’s ‘wag the dog’ antics to keep the heat off of his personal indiscretions.

Doherty is suggesting that if these activists are as confident as they say they are in the opinions of New Jersey residents (and actually care what we think), then they should prove it by supporting a vote on the issue. Instead, this is the last thing Garden State Equality wants.

Goldstein cast the marriage question as a civil rights issue, and noted that Americans traditionally do not vote on those questions.

“In America you don’t take public referenda on voting rights, women’s rights, the right to have a society free of prejudice. Civil unions are as offensive to gay people as separate facilities would be to other groups based on who they are,” he said.

I’m not sure what these guys are so afraid of. And for all their claims that gay marriage is a civil rights issue, the rest of American society has been very slow to catch on. So has the U.S. Constitution.

Doherty clearly understands this, and cleverly undermines the basis of Goldstein’s claim.

It goes to the heart of the question of where constitutional rights come from. Some people would say they come from our creator and the constitution is put into place to protect those god-given rights. For those who say that there is no god, they say they certainly can’t come from government, they should come from the people. That’s all I’m saying here: let the people of New Jersey decide.

Thanks for standing up for the people, Mike. At least someone will.

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