New Jersey Senate candidate Steve Lonegan “I’m tired of single Moms being used as a poster child for the welfare state!” He’s spot on!

by Samuel Gonzalez | August 24, 2013 9:55 pm

One of the things Democrats must have to stay in power is a permanent steve lonegan[1]underclass made up of single women, minorities and other groups.

This is why they need as many people as possible on government assistance, not to improve their lives, but to keep them locked in government dependency.So the last thing Democrats want is for Republicans upsetting the apple cart with a self help message of staying in school, starting a business, or moving up the social ladder through hard work and teaching people how to fish for themselves instead of giving them fish.: : : 

Democrats look down on blacks, Latinos and single women by thinking they cannot achieve anything unless the government manages it for them.: :  It’s a viscous lie that has enslaved generations.

GOPer Senate candidate Steve Lonegan has different ideas.Watch Lonegan blow away this interviewer by telling him his own mom was a single mother.

Progressives need the welfare state to stay a viable Party. But, who really gets hurt?

Originally published at The Last Tradition[2]

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