New Jersey voters realizing a media fraud-Corey Booker’s Lead Slips to Six Points in Senate race

by Samuel Gonzalez | October 1, 2013 8:24 pm

What do Barack Obama, Corey Booker and Bill de Blasio have in common?They’re all media created myths with very little substance and virtually no leadership skills.

The city of Newark is in a shambles with and out of control crime wave, skyrocketing taxes, and a horrible school system.Yet on celebrity-status alone, Corey Booker once a held huge lead over GOP challenger Steve Lonegan.But, New Jerseyites are befinning to get the message that Corey is all sizzle and no steak.

National Review [1]reports Internal polling conducted by New Jersey senatorial candidate Steve Lonegan’s campaign and obtained by National Review Online shows Newark mayor Cory Booker’s lead slipping to six points, 48 to 42. A Quinnipiac poll released last week showed[2] Booker leading Lonegan by 12 points, and even that poll was considered a positive sign for the former Bogota mayor, as the earliest tallies showed Booker ahead by over 20 points.corey booker[3]

The latest internal numbers for Lonegan also show Booker’s negatives inching up. “Booker is 37-27 net favorable, a major shift from the 42-18 numbers he held two weeks ago,” a memo from pollsters to the campaign reads. Nonetheless, the pollsters find significant advantages for the celebrity mayor, who, they note, is “still getting a significant share of the suburban and Republican vote.”

Regardless, it is clear that Booker – who was expected to waltz to victory in this race – now has a real competition on his hands.

This video of a Newark resident calling out Corey Booker went national.Corey Booker’s numbers went into free fall after this.

Originally published at The Last Tradition[4]

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