New RWN Video: I Am Sarah Palin

I wrote the script for this 55 second video that features Michelle Malkin, Pamela Gellar from Atlas Shrugs, Wendy Sullivan from Girl On The Right, Freeman Hunt, and Skye from Midnight Blue.

An extra hat tip goes to SarahK from mountaineer musings, who first suggested this idea to me — and Michelle Malkin, who has been suggesting that people do “I am Sarah Palin” videos.

Additionally, there were some other people who sent me videos, but unfortunately, I had horrible technical issues converting the videos and trying to put together clips from 15 different videos at once. I spent 5-6 hours converting videos only to have my video editing program crash again and again as I tried to edit the vids. Eventually, I had to just shave it down to the people you see in the video above to get it to work. However, I hope you’ll check out the blogs of the other people who sent in videos as well as a little “thank you” for trying to help out,

Dr. Melissa Clouthier, ALa from Blonde Sagacity, Cao from Cao’s Blog, Cassy Fiano, and Ericka Anderson from Culture11.

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