Niger Innis: Charlie Rangel isn’t any better than white Southern Dems who used ‘n*gger card’

by John Hawkins | August 7, 2013 5:23 am

Charlie Rangel’s vile, racist attack on the Tea Party didn’t go unnoticed by The Tea’s[1] Niger Innis. He didn’t just return fire at Rangel either; he let him have it with both barrels[2].

Niger Innis[3]

Niger Innis slammed New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel for comparing the tea party to “white crackers” who opposed civil rights in the South, Friday.

“It is not surprising that lazy, shiftless politicians who have an abysmal record for their community would want to diffuse the issue of what they are doing for their communities by dropping the race card,” Innis, an African American and the chief strategist for, told The Daily Caller in an interview.

According to Innis, Rangel comparing the tea party to segregationists represents the same strategy white Southern Democrats in the South used prior to the civil rights era – back then obscuring the issues by playing what he called the “n*gger card.”

“I’m making a direct connection between the way games were played with poor whites in the South. [White Southern Democrats] would drop the ‘n*gger card’ back then,” Innis explained.

“Now black Democrats have learned that trick and are dropping the ‘cracker card,’ with their black constituents,” he added. “But in the case of the poor whites back then and the poor blacks today what you had was politicians running away from their record and confusing the issue.”

That has got to be the best smackdown of a race baiting liberal politician delivered by a conservative in the last year. It calls Rangel out for his racist language, points out that he’s failed the black Americans he represents and treats his comments with the utter and complete contempt that they deserve.

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