No Photo ID? No Vote.

by John Hawkins | September 26, 2006 1:14 pm

The New York Times[1] has done a hit piece on asking people to provide ID to vote, which is a simple, common sense measure that anyone who cares about the integrity of our elections should support. The Times builds the whole dishonest piece around a woman named Eva Charlene Steele:

“Eva Charlene Steele, a recent transplant from Missouri, has no driver’s license or other form of state identification. So after voting all her adult life, Mrs. Steele will not be voting in November because of an Arizona law that requires proof of citizenship to register.

“I have mixed emotions,” said Mrs. Steele, 57, who uses a wheelchair and lives in a small room in an assisted-living center. “I could see where you would want to keep people who don’t belong in the country from voting, but there has to be an easier way.”

…It was during a registration drive at her assisted-living center, Desert Palms, that Mrs. Steele learned she could not vote. Disabled, with a son, an Army staff sergeant, on active duty, she left Missouri recently to stay with her brother and subsequently moved into the center.

Lacking a driver’s license, she could get a new state identity card, but she said she had neither the $12 to pay for it nor, because she uses a wheelchair, the transportation to pick it up.

Setting aside the fact that it’s hard to see how someone could make it to the age of 57 years old in the United States without having some kind of photo ID, there are two years between elections in this country, and I just don’t believe anyone who tells me that they can’t get their hands on $12 to get an ID card in that period. You can work 3 hours at minimum wage, collect that much money, and still have the cash left over to get a cheeseburger.

Moreover, the “right to vote” doesn’t just mean you get to go to polls and pick the candidate you want. There are built in assumptions that go along with it. For example, you assume that illegitimate votes won’t be allowed. So, what about the right the American people have to not see their votes cancelled out by fraud? If we have a case where fraudulent votes decide an election, then we could see the majority of voters in an election disenfranchised by the actions of a few dishonest people.

We see people on the left getting so upset because they believe electronic voting makes fraud more likely — which incidentally, is ironic since it was liberals who demanded more electronic voting machines after the 2000 punch card voting debacle in Florida — but then they turn right around and flip out over a security measure as basic as showing a picture ID.

Know why they really are upset? It’s because they believe they’re benefitting from fraud. They think there are activists out there voting multiple times for Democrats. They’re hoping that there are illegal aliens pulling the lever for Democrats….and that’s sad. I don’t believe these wacky conspiracy theories that the left likes to circulate about the 2000 and 2004 elections being rigged. They’re ridiculous. But, if I believed they were true, I wouldn’t want to win elections like that. No matter who the candidates are or what office they’re running for, I’d rather lose than see Republicans cheat to win. Unfortunately, as you can see by their reaction to voter identification, a lot of Democrats don’t feel the same way.

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