No Thank You, Manscara!

by John Hawkins | July 30, 2008 1:08 pm

In England, they now have a store stocking make-up for men[1],

“In an increasingly metrosexual world, perhaps it was just a matter of time.

But yesterday a high street store announced that it would start stocking makeup designed just for men.

‘Guy-liner’ and ‘Manscara’ to enhance the eyes of the male in your life, will appear in Superdrug this week.”

You can call it “Guy-liner” and “Manscara,” but that doesn’t make it for men any more than calling a pair of panties “manties” would make it ok for men to wear them. Intrinsically, I think they understand that judging by this,

Yesterday, the company’s director of trading Jeff Wemyss insisted that its cosmetics – branded Taxi Man – are not just for transvestites.

He said: “These days you can be macho and wear make-up. If you look at people like Russell Brand and Robbie Williams, they both wear make-up and they are both very red-blooded men.

‘Men are more obsessed with their appearance than ever before. There is no longer any pain in being seen to be vain.’

He added: ‘We believe there is a real market for cosmetic products. The majority of our customers are women and we believe that these products will be bought by women for their partners, as well as by men themselves.’
Russell Brand

Make-up role model: Russell Brand is famous for wearing eye-liner and mascara

The cosmetics’ creator Peter Kelly said: ‘We’ve developed essentials any guy would borrow from his other half.

‘It’s about subtle make-up rather than wanting to create the drag queen look.’

When there have to be assurances made that your product isn’t “just for transvestites” and that it’s not about creating “the drag queen look,” it’s a pretty good indication that any non-metrosexual man should avoid your product like a hat made out of super-glue.

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