Not Only Do The Democrats Want To Raise Your Taxes, They Want To Make It Harder To Cut Taxes In The Future

by John Hawkins | March 21, 2007 4:05 pm

It’s bad enough that the Democrats are wasting taxpayer dollars left and right on pork, but now they’re actually trying to make it harder to cut taxes in the future[1],

“Finance ranking member Charles Grassley, R-Iowa., became agitated during the morning question period over the considerable burden the budget resolution would impose on that panel to find offsets.

Grassley said the budget provided just 5 percent of the revenue required for the new proposed spending. “The rest is smoke and mirrors,” he said. The likelihood that the Finance Committee will be able to come up with revenue increases of that magnitude “is very remote,” he added.

(Judd) Gregg argued that the pay/go restrictions in the budget, which require every tax cut or spending increase to be offset unless waived by a 60-vote majority, ensures that most of the tax cuts that will expire by 2010 will not be extended. He said that would amount to $900 billion in tax increases in the future.”

So, the tax cuts, which have been shown over and over again to increase the amount of revenue coming into the federal government, would be treated as if they decrease government revenue. Then, the imaginary amount of this decrease will be calculated, and unless the decrease can be offset with spending cuts, Congress will need 60 votes to get the tax cut through.

In other words, not only do the Democrats want to raise your taxes, they want to make it harder for the Republicans to let you keep more of your own money.

No matter how much money the Democrats in Congress waste, no matter how much more we spend, no matter how many new government programs are put into place, no matter how much you pay in taxes, it’s never going to be enough for the Democrats.

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