Obama and Polygamy

by Melissa Clouthier | April 13, 2008 2:08 pm

It’s a deceiving headline, but hey! Why not emulate the MSM. It works for them.

I’m struggling here folks. It is absolutely gorgeous outside and I’ve got to post something. The Obama debacle[1] is sucking the oxygen out of the blogosphere at the moment. I’m guessing that Obama is counting on the fact that inbred, red-neck, gun-totin’, bitter middle-class people don’t know how to read ‘cuz the stink won’t make it onto the NASCAR channel or Dirty Jobs, so he’s safe!

Remember when I told you he was done[2]? Well, it’s more true now. He’ll get the Dem nomination, sorry Hill they just dislike you that much more, but he won’t win the general election.

Now that we have that settled.

The polygamists are interesting. The New York Times[3] has an inadvertently funny piece about how other polygamists will go back into seclusion and no longer make connections with the government. Were they ever out and proud? But more than that, there’s this subtle bias for tolerance for these weirdos. Deviance[4] is the new normal. Embrace it. The Houston Chronicle[5] reports on the legal mess the raid creates:

In court filings seeking termination of parental rights, CPS officials now say just being born into the sect ensures child abuse, describing “a widespread pattern and practice … in which young, minor female residents are conditioned to expect and accept sexual activity with adult men at the ranch upon being spiritually married to them.”

The state says it now has evidence that every child was either abused or at imminent risk of abuse.

Sect lawyers have filed pleadings claiming the comprehensive searches of the 1,700-acre compound violated First and Fourth Amendment protections as well as the Texas Constitution.

“The FLDS and its congregants enjoy the right under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to exercise their religion and to assemble unhampered by government intrusion,” wrote Cynthia Orr, complaining that the searches were intrusive, overly broad and were misrepresented to the judge who approved them.

But it’s unlikely Orr’s objections will prevail, one expert said.

“There are religious liberties issues here, but none that a judge is likely to take seriously: Laws about polygamy and underage sex apply to everyone. There is no right to an exemption for a religious group,” said Douglas Laycock, a professor emeritus at the UT law school.

This is interesting, I’m no lawyer, but the cult’s lawyers seem to be using the same argument for screwing young women as the Muslims are using for separate times for working out on college campuses[6].

My religion says that blow torches should be taken to religious extremists bent on inhibiting the rights of others to make their religion work. How’s that? The constitution would protect me. It’s my religion.

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