Obama Cuts Border Patrol Manning On Southern Border

border crossingThe southern border of America is 1,954 miles long. According to the Border Patrol, it now has “effective control” over only 697 of those miles.

Within the last year, 530 aliens from “special interest countries” were caught by our Border Patrol, as were three people “linked to terrorism.”

Out of 32 regions the National Drug Intelligence Center describes as “high intensity drug trafficking areas,” five of them are on the southern border.

The NDIC went on to describe the border between California and Mexico as “easily breached.” It described the border between Arizona and Mexico as “largely unprotected.” And it called a section of the New Mexico Border “an ideal smuggling corridor.”

So, why is the Obama administration cutting the number of Border Patrol agents guarding the southern border?

Easterling said on Tuesday that in fiscal 2009, 17,399 Border Patrol agents have been deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border. In fiscal year 2010, the Border Patrol plans to decrease that by 384 agents, leaving 17,015 deployed along the Mexican frontier. At the same time, the number of Border Patrol agents deployed on the U.S.-Canada border will be increased by 414, from a fiscal 2009 total of 1,798 agents to a fiscal 2010 total of 2,212.

They are taking them and putting them on Canada’s border.

Consider this: since the stimulus package passed, the federal government has increased by 25,000 employees. We can hire people to process Social Security benefit claims, but not people to protect the borders?

Had the previous Republican president and Congress handled this issue, I would not be writing about it today, except to decry how Obama is loosening up the border Bush secured. But Bush didn’t secure it. And McCain, despite his campaign promises, would not have the backbone to secure the border.

For some reason, Washington, D.C. will not handle the immigration issue in a way that discourages or prevents illegal immigration, nor will it handle the millions of  illegal immigrants already in the country, other than to try to make them all legal, (cough, voters, cough).

Surely they could not be putting votes before the security of the nation. No, why would they do that?

By the way, more than 70 people are in custody following a gun fight at America’s busiest border crossing. Sounds like a great time to cut manning.

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