Obama Funny Business

by Van Helsing | October 7, 2008 11:29 am

Bit by bit, the slime from Obama’s Chicago days seeps to the surface[1], despite the media’s lack of interest:

As a state senator, Democrat Barack Obama awarded $75,000 in government grants to a Chicago social service organization led by a rabbi who is also his wife’s cousin, records show.

In 1999, Obama arranged for $50,000 for adult literacy and counseling services offered on Chicago’s South Side by a group called Blue Gargoyle. A $25,000 grant for the group’s youth services followed the next year.

The group’s executive director when the grants were awarded was Capers Funnye, a South Side rabbi and Michelle Obama’s first cousin once removed.

Obama is a regular Santa Claus. He and his buddy Bill Ayers have funneled a fortune[2] into Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American church of racial hatred and former PLO chief propagandist Rashid Khalidi[3]‘s Arab American Action Network. Imagine how generous he will be once he has access to your bank account.

Hard left sugar daddies with their radical wives, via Political Party Poop[4].

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