Obama Making Hillary “Blonder” — Satire By Harvey

by John Hawkins | March 7, 2008 7:00 am

Blonde Hillary WASHINGTON (AP) – After being criticized for making Obama “blacker”,[1], Clinton campaign officials fired back by claiming that Obama has been doctoring images of Hillary to make her look blonder while implying that her hair color makes her “too damn stupid to be president”.

Obama spokesperson Kevin Griffis denies any hairism on the part of Obama. “The change in the image from the original to the ad was simply an accident of software and image compression. We did not mean to imply that Hillary keeps a coat hanger in her back seat in case she ever locks her keys in her car. Even though rumors abound.”

Clinton has long maintained that “color should not be an issue in this campaign” and is confident that America is ready for a Flaxen-American president. “While it may be true that there’s white out on my computer screen and that I peel the shells off M&M’s to make chocolate chip cookies, there is no truth to the accusation that I once buried Cheerios in an effort to grow a donut tree.”

This satire was used with the permission of IMAO[2].

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