Obama On “The Nuclear Option” In 2005

by Kathleen McKinley | March 9, 2010 4:24 pm

“We need to rise above an ends justify the means mentality”

What a difference five years makes. Suddenly the ends justifying the means is the way to go. What a hypocrite.

Update: This is related since it also points to Obama’s hypocrisy.

From ABC’s The Note:[1]

Obama, speaking at an event for health care reform in Pennsylvania:

“(Health Insurers) will keep on doing this for as long as they can get away with it. This is no secret, they’re telling their investors this – ‘We are in the money. We are going to keep on making big profits even though a lot of folks are going to be put under hardship,'”

“The health care bill the president is touting, however, involves giving money directly *to* the same health care companies he is out chastising:

Neither [Obama or Sec. Sebelius] mentioned that the Senate health reform bill, which is the basis for Democrats’ last best chance at comprehensive reform, would give the insurance companies millions of new customers required by law to buy health insurance. It would also require insurers to cover everyone, regardless of age, gender or pre-existing condition.

To help pay for the new insurance requirements the government would give to people money to buy insurance – $336 billion over the next ten years. That money, ultimately, would have to go to… drum roll… insurance companies. ”

via RFCradio.com[2]

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