Obama’s Vision Is Enough To Nominate Him? WTF?

by William Teach | April 13, 2008 5:37 pm

There are times when politics is as amusing as Richard Pryor in Live On The Sunset Strip

Pennsylvania’s Democratic voters on April 22 will choose between two candidates in the presidential primary. Both are qualified to become the nation’s chief executive. They have more similarities than differences. But, The Morning Call recommends that Sen. Barack Obama be nominated, and we offer three reasons.

The first is the quality of his campaign. It has surprised the experts by moving him close to the finish line against bigger, more established political machines and it has communicated his basic ideas well. (yup, that makes him qualified to be President….of your local elementary school)

The second is his message of hope and change. It conveys a vision of the nation’s future that is in tune with the tenor and consensus of most Americans. (I wasn’t aware of the majority of Americans wanting to be treated like 4 year old for the balance of their lives)

And third, and most important for the Democratic Party at this moment in history, there is Sen. Obama’s ability to inspire. (OK, now we are up to high school president level)

No, really, I think The Morning Call [1]is serious. I guess experience, policies, morals, ethics, not thinking the American public is a bunch of white trash rubes, etc, should count. Go figure.

  1. The Morning Call : http://www.mcall.com/news/opinion/all-a.6348993apr13,0,4038021,print.story

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