Obamotivators, or: the post that ate my Saturday

by TrogloPundit | February 27, 2010 12:24 pm

It all started with a picture:


…found over at Moe Lane’s[2] place, and VodkaPundit’s[3].

A little bit of cropping:


And this link to a site that lets you make your own automotivators[5]…


…and viola!


And then I invited people to make their own and send them (or a link to them) to me[8], and blammo. Full inbox, first thing this morning. Proving once and for all that bloggers don’t tend to have Friday night dates.

Tell you what, any more I get, I’ll post them over here at Right Wing News.


More Obamotivators[9]
Obamotivators: I may have created a monster.[10]
What’s he thinking?[11]
Spreading the Sarahmotivator Wealth.[12]
Sarahmotivators: The Saga Continues[13]

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