On The Hillary Plant At The CNN Debate

by John Hawkins | November 29, 2007 11:14 am

The hot story of the moment in the blogosphere is about Retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr’s question to the candidates[1] about allowing gays to serve in the military. The question itself wasn’t objectionable.

However, Kerr was in the audience and here’s where CNN got in trouble. First, they asked him if he thought that the candidates answered his question, which normally wouldn’t be objectionable. Kerr said that they didn’t, which was plainly incorrect, because even if he didn’t like the answer, he did have the candidates plainly say that they didn’t support gays in the military.

But, then things started to get bizarre because CNN allowed Kerr to give a long winded rebuttal which eventually produced boos from the audience, who came there to hear the candidates, not some liberal general whom none of them had ever heard of before.

Then, five minutes after the debate was over, the right side of the blogosphere had already discovered that Kerr is a LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee Member.

So, in essence, CNN allowed someone connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to ask a question to the GOP candidates and then comment on their answers without ever revealing his Clinton affiliation.

CNN has since apologized and claimed that they didn’t know that Kerr was associated with Clinton, which is completely believable, given the utterly incompetent way that they have handled both this debate and the last Democratic debate.

Most people are, understandably, hammering CNN for not researching Keith H. Kerr, but they should really be aiming their spleen at the Clinton campaign.

Obviously, it’s unethical for someone who is on a steering committee for Hillary Clinton to be asking questions and making comments at a GOP debate without divulging that fact.

Moreover, since he was at the debate, he obviously knew that his question would be used which makes you wonder: did the Clinton campaign know about it beforehand? Whether they did or didn’t, what are they going to do about it now? Is Kerr going to be asked to resign from the steering committee? Is the Clinton campaign going to say that they don’t want someone who behaved in an unethical fashion associated with their campaign? If not, why not? CNN has already apologized for their screw-up; now it’s time to put the question to the Clinton campaign.

  1. Retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr’s question to the candidates: http://stoptheaclu.com/archives/2007/11/28/hillary-plant-in-republican-cnn-youtube-debate/

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