On The Radio Today At 5 PM

by John Hawkins | September 30, 2003 11:39 am

I am going to be on DennyRadio[1] today at 5PM EST. They want to talk to me for 20 minutes or so about my Stupid Debating Tricks[2] article. I’m not sure how we’ll stretch that out for 20 minutes, but then again time always seems to fly for me when I’m on the radio.

If you want to hear the show, just hit the “Listen Live” button on the DennyRadio page linked above and you can listen in.

***Update***: I don’t think the host had even read the article before we got on the air =) They must have desperately needed some filler in that spot…

  1. DennyRadio: http://www.dennyradio.com
  2. Stupid Debating Tricks: https://rightwingnews.com/john/stupiddebate.php

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