One picture, two metaphors.

One picture, two metaphors.

I was searching for good pictures of ceilings, prepping this week’s Week in Automotivators post (coming tomorrow), when I found this:

Wow I love that picture. The metaphors write themselves. For example:

The two guys could represent Global Warmism Climate Changism, smoking the tobacco of belief no matter what the Surgeon General says on the pack. The ceiling is reality: they can see it, if they look, but they can’t ever get past it. The blue, open sky in the mural is the freedom and the beauty of reason in which they could live if only they could break through that ceiling of reality.

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The burial ceremony going on in the mural: no matter how long reality continues to pile dirt on top of Climate Changist Predictions of Doom, they will never be entirely buried. But as long as they continue to ignore the ceiling, and stare lovingly at the illusion of freedom above them, they’ll never look to the doorway that would get them out of their little, smoke-filled room.

On the other hand, maybe the two guys represent the U.S. economy, and the room they’re in is the shrinking box of Government Knows Best, and the mural on the ceiling is the funeral ceremony ever-so-slowly committing the U.S. economy to the ground, as long as we stay in this box.

Yeah, there’s an open door. Notice how they’re ignoring it.

This time, the blue sky isn’t freedom: it’s only the illusion of that freedom. The two guys believe that, if only they could break through the ceiling, freedom would be theirs for all time — but it won’t. It’ll just be more cigarette smoke, slowly turning their lungs into charcoal while another little room forms around them.

And here’s the best part: outside — the real outside, not the painted outside — it’s kind of dank and rainy out. Warm, too. Sweaty-humid. These two guys prefer staying in the smoky, tiny room of Government, looking at the fake sky that they’ll never be able to reach to leaving the room.

Or maybe I just like reading more into things than actually is in there. My teenaged son always says so.


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