Open Invitation To Violate Me By Right Thinking Girl

by John Hawkins | December 27, 2005 4:02 am

Ah Liberals. Can’t live with them, can’t trust them with national security. They make such noise about loving their country and civil rights and once you try to talk to them about their positions, their arguments go down like a five dollar whore. When the New York Times revealed that Bush had authorized the NSA to spy on private American citizens, you could bet that liberals, who have nothing to lose by another 9/11-style attack, would be the first to feign vitriolic outrage. This is just another maneuver to hide their true concerns (terrorist rights) behind their alleged concern over Americans’ civil rights.

For those who are in the dark: domestic spying isn’t illegal. Even before 9/11, the FBI (and even local police departments) spied on mobsters, shady politicos, street hustlers, coke dealers, and other lowlifes. That’s pretty much their job description. The fact that the NSA was “connecting the dots” and keeping an eye on the jihadists who wanted to rain hell upon our cities should give normal people a warm, fuzzy feeling. In what way are these sweeps of intelligence violating civil rights? They’re allowing us an opportunity to protect our civil right because the NSA can get the bead on those who want to kill us. It’s a simple concept but it bears repeating: civil rights can’t exist if you’re dead.

To be totally technical about the situation – and this is something I know a little something about as I worked at the National Security Agency for several years spanning 9/11 – the NSA is not spying on random people. They are observing communications between American citizens and known terrorist numbers. It’s not a shotgun approach. Your civil rights are only imperiled if you’re chatting with Mohammad in Iran about smuggling nukes into the Empire State, which, I admit, might raise a red flag on a server somewhere. If you’re chatting with your mother in London or having phone sex with some random person in Germany, nobody down at Ft. Meade gives a flying fig.

Another issue that’s got the jihadist defenders up in arms is the recent revelation that the good folks at the FBI have been monitoring radiation levels around mosques and other places where terrorists like to gather and plot to bring about the demise of modern society. For once, the Bureau has a program that might actually protect America! For the love of taco sauce, we should be celebrating and buying our own Geiger counters and doing the same thing! Instead, this program has outraged the ACLU and other terrorist-rights groups who are deeply concerned that the executive branch of government isn’t sensitive to persons of Middle Eastern descent. Additionally they are frustrated that no rules are actually being broken in this program: the FBI doesn’t require any kind of warrant to acquire intelligence in public places. Allow me a moment to gloat that America is being protected and there is nothing that Liberals can do to stop it.

Gloat. Gloat. Gloat.

Finally, five years after 9/11, we’ve formulated a plan to fight terrorists effectively before they can pull off another airplane-crashing, building-folding spectacular. The fact that our methods step on the toes of terrorists should make all Americans happy. Instead, Liberals would rather complain that terrorists are being treated unfairly because….well, because they’re terrorists.

For those good, honest Americans who fear Big Brother peeking in your windows and listening to your phone calls, I offer you this inside information: the best way to protect your civil rights is to not be a terrorist. That will protect you from unwanted government attention. To protect your civil rights, fight against terrorists who want to kill you. You can’t do a very good job of fighting poverty, supporting welfare programs, giving help to Katrina victims, or crying over Gitmo if you’re dead.

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