Paul Craig Roberts And Bush Derangement Syndrome

Paul Craig Roberts, the lunatic paleocon who used to work for the Wall Street Journal and in the Reagan Administration, is speculating that Bush is going to stage a nuclear attack on America so that he’ll have a good excuse to nuke Iran.

Here’s the latest from Roberts’ nutty new column: ‘Is another 9/11 in the works?,” which was gleefully reprinted by the ultra-left-wing nutjobs at the Smirking Chimp:

“It is obvious that Bush intends to attack Iran and that he will use every means to bring war about.

Yet, Bush has no conventional means of waging war with Iran. His bloodthirsty neoconservatives have prepared plans for nuking Iran. However, an unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran would leave the US, already regarded as a pariah nation, totally isolated.

Readers, whose thinking runs ahead of that of most of us, tell me that another 9/11 event will prepare the ground for a nuclear attack on Iran. Some readers say that Bush, or Israel as in Israel’s highly provocative attack on the Jericho jail and kidnapping of prisoners with American complicity, will provoke a second attack on the US. Others say that Bush or the neoconservatives working with some “black ops” group will orchestrate the attack.

One of the more extraordinary suggestions is that a low yield, perhaps tactical, nuclear weapon will be exploded some distance out from a US port. Death and destruction will be minimized, but fear and hysteria will be maximized. Americans will be told that the ship bearing the weapon was discovered and intercepted just in time, thanks to Bush’s illegal spying program, and that Iran is to blame. A more powerful wave of fear and outrage will again bind the American people to Bush, and the US media will not report the rest of the world’s doubts of the explanation.

Reads like a Michael Crichton plot, doesn’t it?

Fantasy? Let’s hope so.”

In a way, people like Roberts fascinate me. Here’s an educated man, a man who was once considered to be such a standout that he was actually brought into the Reagan administration. Moreover, when he worked for Reagan, you have to figure that if someone came up with a cuckoo theory like this about the Gipper, he would have thought they were nuts. But now? He’s a complete drooling wacko himself.

Does that mean Roberts is so crazy that he could officially be considered to be mentally ill? My gut instinct would be to say, “yes,” if there weren’t so many fellow believers in conspiracy theories nodding their heads right along with him. Keep in mind that not only did Roberts write this, apparently the people at and the Smirking Chimp, two large websites, looked at it, didn’t think it raised any red flags, and posted it. Moreover, at the Smirking Chimp, their audiences seem to be used to this sort of fare. At the time I’m writing this, there’s not one single soul in the thread there who has said anything remotely akin to, “Gee, I don’t like Bush either, but I don’t think he would stage a nuclear attack on the United States. That’s nuts!” Instead, you see comments like these:

shonen: How long will it take for you guys to have another revolution? In not now, when?

111aaaaardvark: We can have another revolution after –
1 – Absolute corporate control of all media is abolished
2 – Th’avidge murrikkkan learns to think
3 – Th’avidge murrikkkan wakes up to the idiocy of the luney, fascistic, religious murrikkkan Taliban
4 – Th’avidge so-called Democrat in DC grows some balls
5 – Things get substantially worse fer th’avidge murrikkkan with, say,15% unemployment

Sounds like a tall order to me.

313: He’s stupid, yes.

But he’s just a puppet. The reason his handlers have put him before us is simple: the U.S. sheep aren’t smart enough to have seen through this lunacy.

People like us MIGHT be a hope for our country, although I think things have gone too far now.

Martial law is right around the corner.

Some have suggested a second U.S. Civil War is inevitable.

Watching daily…

Bush Derangement Syndrome: it’s spreading like wildfire and the people infected with it are becoming crazier by the day…

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