Pics From Past “Press Conferences Of Shame”

by John Hawkins | March 11, 2008 7:15 am

Yesterday, after Eliot Spitzer was busted for cavorting with a prostitute, they had the now familiar “press conference of shame” where the sleazy pol trots out his humiliated wife to try to give him political cover.

The idea is supposed to be that if she forgives him for his infidelity, you, the voter, should forgive him, too. Personally, I think it’s just a reminder of what an enormous creep the politician is to use and abuse his wife in that fashion.

Here’s Spitzer and his wife from yesterday,

Now, let’s cover a few other infamous shamefests. Here’s Jim McGreevey and his wife,

Way to look contrite for the camera, Jim. Now, here’s Larry Craig and his wife, who looks like she wants to karate chop him in the throat, right there on camera,

Here’s Bill and Hill on “60 Minutes” over Bill’s affair with…do you even remember which one it was at this point — Gennifer Flowers,

And last but, not least, here’s David Vitter and his wife, who looks crushed in this snap,

As if these pols hadn’t put their wives through enough before asking them to go on stage…

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