Please Help! Commie Mommy Winning Political Moms Contest

by Lonely Conservative | April 1, 2012 4:15 pm

There’s a: Top 25 Political Moms[1]: contest that you may think is silly, but it’s important that conservative moms dominate this contest. Here’s why: The top bloggers from the left in this contest aren’t your mom’s Democrats. They’re radical progressives. The one in the lead describes herself as “Leftist. Very, very leftist” and has made it her mission to see Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker defeated. I’m sure she has no problem with the: vicious: way her side has treated Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish[2].: The website running the contest says they have millions of followers. Do you really want that “very, very leftist” winning and sending the message to millions of moms that her views are mainstream? Don’t you want to do something, no matter how small, to show that there is no conservative war on women?


I’m in second place. I really don’t care if I win, all I care about is that one of the conservative moms wins. We’ve managed to knock another commie mommie out of the top 5. (That one brags about putting her son in pink girls clothing.) If you think we need to take back the culture from the far left, why not: take just a few moments to vote for the conservative moms in this contest[4]? You can vote once every twenty four hours, and you can vote for as many of us as you want. We need every single vote we can get, because every time we make headway, the front runner’s vote tally rises accordingly.

This is where we stood yesterday. As you can see, we’re making excellent progress, but we still: really: need every one of you to go vote and knock that commie mommy out of first place.


4-Michelle Malkin[5]

5-Zilla of the Resistance[6]

8-Atlas Shrugs[7]

9-Let’s March for Scott Walker[8]

10-Political Junkie Mom[9]

11-Backyard Conservative[10]

12-Moms 4 Sarah Palin[11]

14Snark and Boobs[12]

15-Jenny Erikson[13]

16-Allen West Republic[14]

17-Thoughts from a Conservative Mom[15]

19-Jen Kuznicki[16]

21-Katy’s Conservative Corner[17]

25-No One of Any Import[18]

26-Little Bites News[19]

28-A Traditional Life Lived[20]

29-Political Clown Parade[21]

30-Pondering Penguin[22]


36-Temple of MUT[24]

38-: It’s Only Words[25]

40-Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting My Tongue[26]

42-Kira Davis[27]

54:: Mommy Life[28]

57-Lox Populi[29]

Our Army of Davids has been joining in to help us out, including:: iOTW[30],: The Other McCain[31],: Blazing Cat Fur[32],: The Camp of the Saints[33],: DBKP[34],: Conservative Hideout[35],: : The Pirate’s Cove[36],: Ex-Con’s View[37],: Maggie’s Notebook,[38]: and: Moonbattery[39].: Zilla[40], who is still trying to overcome her illness, has also written about the importance of this contest. (She’s moved up to 4th place.): But none of that does any good if all of you don’t take just a few minutes to: click this link[41]: and vote for us. You don’t need to sign up. You don’t need to register. All you have to do is click the “vote” button next to each conservative blogging mom, or whichever is your favorite.

Thanks to everyone who has voted, and to all who have blogged and tweeted about this. Voting ends April 4 at 7PM Eastern. If you voted yesterday at 5:00, you can vote today after 5:00.

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