John Boehner, Please Take My Advice!

Two years ago I interviewed Sen. John Cornyn at the Capitol. I asked him why we let Democrats control the health care debate (and this was long before the current debate). I said that Republicans should start talking about it right away and take control of the narrative. Cornyn didn’t heed my advice obviously, so I hope that this will get to John Boehner (whom I admire) and he will heed this advice I am about to give.

The Hill reports:

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that repealing the healthcare legislation passed in Congress last month and signed into law by President Barack Obama would be the GOP’s top priority if it wins back control of Congress this fall.

That’s great, but we will lose on that issue if we don’t add two caveats to it. Republicans must end every statement on repealing Obamacare by saying that they will pass a fiscal responsible bill that still requires that insurance companies offer insurance to those with pre-existing conditions, and that someone cannot lose their insurance when they lose their job.

In all the boondoggle of the Health Care Bill, those two things are the ONLY things that most Americans cared about.

Insurance companies will still be able to determine the costs of these things, and they will naturally be more expensive than insurance for those without pre-existing conditions, but at least people won’t be left with no options.

This is CRITICAL to winning the hearts and minds of the American people this November. They must understand that Republicans want to overturn this bill that creates another bloated wasteful expensive government bureaucracy, but not at the expense of those who have fallen through the cracks of Medicaid, Medicare, and S-chip. This reminds people of all we already do to help the poor, elderly, and children in medical care, and in addition, it assures them that Republicans want all Americans have access to health care. There is a big difference in access and forcing.

John Boehner, please take my advice to heart. These two things are what Americans want and what they understand. We must say, every time we mention overturing Obamacare, that we will provide a better alternative that will not bankrupt our country and our health care system. We must include pre-existing conditions and carrying insurance in case of job loss. Work it out as best you can in the new bill, but it MUST be the narrative. If it isn’t, we won’t win. That’s what I believe.

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