Political Correctness Gone Mad In Britain; Man Fired For Insulting Bin Laden

This is political correctness taken to an mind-blowing extreme

“A prison officer was sacked for making an allegedly insulting remark about Osama bin Laden two months after the September 11 attacks, an employment tribunal heard yesterday.

Colin Rose, 53, was told he had to go because, although he did not know it, three Muslim visitors could have heard his “insensitive” comment about the world’s most reviled terrorist.

…The Norwich hearing was told that on Nov 15, 2001, he threw some keys into a metal chute at the prison gatehouse. When someone said it sounded as if he had thrown them so hard that they were going through the tray at the bottom of the chute, Mr Rose said: “There’s a photo of Osama bin Laden there.”

Peter McKinnon, another prison officer, told him to be quiet because two Asian women wearing headscarves and an Asian man were at the window of the gatehouse.

The investigation never discovered whether the visitors heard the comment.

Andrew Rogers, the assistant governor, told the tribunal: “I am not sure whether Mr Rose saw the visitors.

“I took offence at the comment. If the visitors had heard the comment, they might have taken offence, too.” When Mr Rose was carpeted the next day, he said it was only a throwaway remark. But a few days later, while he was off with a recurrence of a back injury he suffered when suppressing a violent inmate, the investigation was ordered.”

This is just….INSANE, on so many levels. It was a pretty minor insult, nobody at the gatehouse actually complained, and most importantly; anybody who is offended by an insult aimed at Osama Bin Laden of all people deserves the scorn of all decent human beings.

I am actually amazed that Andrew Rogers, the assistant governor says that he “took offence at the comment”. Why is that? Does he admire terrorists who murder Americans? The fact that a man who may be a terrorist sympathizer still has a job and the guy who made the crack about Bin Laden got fired really makes you wonder if there is something terribly wrong at that prison.

Last but not least, if you think about it, this is really a huge affront to those Muslims who were at the gatehouse. It’s like calling Hitler a “monster” in front of a bunch of Germans and then thinking that they’re going to be upset about it. What an amazingly low opinion these people must have of the average Muslim to believe that they’d be hurt by an attack on Osama Bin Laden.

It’s just a bizarre situation all the way around…

Hat tip to Tongue Tied for finding this one.

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