Political Opportunity In The Homeland

Political Opportunity In The Homeland Security Bill: Bush is an excellent political position on this new Department of Homeland Security. If the Democrats go along with what we he wants he can take all the credit for helping to make America safe. But actually, he would benefit more politically if things DIDN’T go his way…

“President Bush sternly warned Congress on Friday against passing a bill that limits the personnel and budgetary powers of the head of a new Department of Homeland Security, giving the clearest indication yet that he would veto a measure now before the Senate.

“A time of war is the wrong time to weaken the president’s ability to protect the American people,” Bush told a White House audience that included governors, mayors, firefighters, police and lawmakers.

“Bush indicated he would veto the legislation, if passed in the Senate version, because it doesn’t exempt the proposed agency from civil-service and budget rules. Democrats and organized labor have strongly opposed Bush’s position, saying it would violate workers’ rights.”

First off, it would please Bush’s Conservative base to see him veto ANYTHING because they generally think he’s been too soft on the Democrats. More importantly, ‘Homeland Security’ is an issue Bush could use to DESTROY the Democrats on the national scene. I can just see Bush at a press conference now…

“I was not about to sign a neutered ‘Homeland Security Department’ into existence just because the Democrats want to play election year games with the lives of American citizens. In case some Senators haven’t noticed, we’re at war and I will not under any circumstance risk losing thousands of Americans to a terrorist attack because the Democrats in the Senate want to pander to a special interest group. I consider stopping these terrorists from harming our citizens my top priority and I really wish the Democrats in the Senate would start to get serious about protecting America as well.”

Now that would be a soundbite I’d love to hear.

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