Poll Results: What’s The Most Serious Threat To Success And Prosperity For Americans Over The Long Haul?

by John Hawkins | September 17, 2008 3:36 am

Here are the results from a poll of RWN’s readers on the, “most serious threat to success and prosperity for Americans over the long haul[1].” There were 859 replies at the time when I compiled the answers.

Gay Marriage: 0%
Nuclear proliferation: 1%
Abortion / Declining Birthrate: 2%
National Debt: 8%
Reliance on foreign oil: 9%
Islamic terrorism: 9%
Government Corruption: 10%
Out-of-control immigration: 15%
Decline of Christianity 19%
Skyrocketing taxes & regulations: 25%

Personally, my top 4 would be national debt, nuclear proliferation, the decline of Christianity, and out-of-control immigration — in that order.

Nuclear proliferation in particular is way too low on the list. If enough nations get nukes, it’s only a matter of time until a nuclear war occurs or worse yet, some Islamo-crazy sneaks the nuke into a Western city and detonates it.

That would be a huge shock to the global economy at best and it would be particularly devastating to the nation hit. Imagine a half-dozen nukes going off in DC, New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, & Philadelphia — all in one day — without our even knowing which nation they came from.

Think that’s an unrealistic scenario? Let Iran get nukes and then wait 5-10 years until another dozen nations full of crazies have the bomb, too. It will seem all too terrifyingly plausible then, won’t it?

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