Poll: What was the best line of the debate?

Last night I watched the debate with some like-minded friends at a small debate party. There was beer, there were elephant-shaped cookies. A good time was had by all.

Please take a moment to vote for the best/most memorable line of the night below. Each of the above lines is featured in one or more of the following articles, if you’re looking for more information or some context:
‘I’ve got a bracelet, too.’
First Debate
Mac is back
The Mississippi Debate: First Thoughts and Who Won?
“Senator McCain is absolutely right …”

What was the best line of the night?
“I’ve got a bracelet, too.” -Obama
“I don’t even have a presidential seal.” -McCain
Each of the six times Obama called McCain “John”
“It’s hard to reach across the aisle when you’re that far to the Left.” -McCain
“John, you’re absolutely right.” -Obama (and the 8 variations thereof)
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What baffled me was that none of the post-debate coverage I saw on the major networks came right out and called McCain the winner, when it seemed as though there was no question in anyone’s minds at our party. (I recognize the tendency for like-minded people to think their own guy won, but we were all very, very pessimistic going into the debate last night.) With the comments I got on Twitter, the comments I got on my blogs and the comments that were e-mailed to me, it seemed–again–as though I was in the minority of folks who thought McCain won. This morning I turned on RightWingNews.com and same thing: John’s poll showed Obama winning by a small, but noticeable margin. The commentary out this morning (I recommend checking RealClearPolitics.com) seems fairly split, but there are plenty of smart people who are now saying that McCain did win.

So, without further adieu, what did you think? I’ve seen the numbers, but I’m interested to get some comments and emails about what you thought. Were you with friends or family? If so, what was the general vibe? In what part of the country do you live? Did the debate change how you’ll vote or the likelihood that you’ll vote? Did you watch the debates or care? Post a comment below or shoot me an e-mail: [email protected][nospam]katiefavazza.com. (Delete [nospam] when you send a message.)

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If you weren’t online during the debate last night, you can check out my thoughts by reading my recent Twitter posts. (Wondering what Twitter is? Click here.)

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