Polling Right-Of-Center Bloggers On The 2006 Election

by John Hawkins | November 1, 2006 9:31 am

Right Wing News emailed more than 230 right-of-center bloggers to ask them about the 2006 election. The following 62 blogs responded.

The Absurd Report[1], Ankle Biting Pundits[2] (Patrick Hynes), Annika’s Journal[3], The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler[4], Argghhhh![5], Barking Moonbat Early Warning System[6], BizzyBlog[7], Blue Crab Boulevard[8], BrothersJudd Blog[9], In The Bullpen[10], Brainster’s Blog[11], Captain’s Quarters[12], The Club For Growth Blog[13], dcthornton.com[14], Dr. Sanity[15], Dr. Melissa Clouthier[16], Drumwaster’s Rants[17], Election Projection[18], Freeman Hunt[19], Flopping Aces[20], Jeff Gannon – A Voice of the New Media[21], Gateway Pundit[22], GayPatriot[23], GOP Vixen[24], Gocinatlanta[25], Guardian Watchblog[26], Mary Katharine Ham’s Blog[27], The Hedgehog Report[28], The House of Wheels[29], James Hudnall[30], Hugh Hewitt[31] (Dean Barnett), IMAO[32] (Frank J.), Inoperable Terran[33], Iowa Voice[34], Knowledge Is Power[35], JackLewis[36], Moxie[37], My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy[38], Newmark’s Door[39], The Nose On Your Face[40] (Potfry), The Nose On Your Face[40] (Buckley), Peaktalk[41], Poliblog[42], PoliPundit[43] (Oak Leaf), PoliPundit[43] (AJ Sparxx), Riehl World View[44], Right Thinking Girl[45], Right Wing News[46], Say Anything[47], Don Singleton[48], Sister Toldjah[49], Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff[50], Natalie Solent[51], Solomonia[52], The Squiggler[53], Stolen Thunder[54], Suitably Flip[55], Don Surber[56], Vox Popoli[57], Viking Pundit[58], WILLisms[59], Wuzzadem[60]

The bloggers were asked to choose “yes,” or “no,” as answers to the first two questions:

1) Do you think the GOP is going to retain control of the House?

Yes (38) — 61.3%
No (24) — 38.7%

2) Do you think the GOP is going to retain control of the Senate?

Yes (56) — 90.3%
No (6) — 9.7%

On the following question, bloggers were allowed to make anywhere from 1-6 unranked selections from 25 different options that were presented. Their answers come after the question with the number of bloggers selecting each choice in parentheses and the percentage of bloggers picking each answer following that.

3) The Republican Party has been having a lot of difficulty during this election cycle. If you had to pick 1-6 reasons for that, what would they be?

Top Tier Issues

W) The way the war in Iraq has gone. (48) — 77.4%
P) The GOP isn’t doing enough to control spending. (46) — 74.2%
K) Republicans don’t fight back hard enough against Democratic attacks. (37) — 59.7%
D) Because the GOP is perceived as being too soft on illegal immigration. (32) — 51.6%
S) The perception that the GOP is corrupt. (32) — 51.6%
J) President Bush’s approval rating. (21) — 33.9%
O) The GOP isn’t being aggressive enough in the war on terror. (19) — 30.6%
R) The perception that the Federal Government did a poor job of handling Hurricane Katrina. (19) — 30.6%
V) The Mark Foley scandal. (17) — 27.4%

Secondary Issues

I) High gas prices. (9)
T) The Republican party has catered too much to social conservatives. (5) — 8%
U) The Republican party hasn’t catered enough to social conservatives. (5) — 8%
E) Because too many Republicans are anti-embryonic stem cell research. (4) — 6.5%
G) Bush’s failed attempt to reform Social Security. (4) — 6.5%
M) The Gang of 14 deal on judges. (4) — 6.5%
X) The way Republicans in Congress handled the Terri Schiavo affair. (4) — 6.5%
Y) The way that Dennis Hastert handled the William Jefferson scandal. (4) — 6.5%

Insignificant Issues

F) Because the GOP has been “too conservative.” (2) — 3.2%
H) Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. (2) — 3.2%
A) Accusations that the GOP is “pro-torture.” (1) — 1.6%
L) The fallout from the Dubai Port Deal. (1) — 1.6%
Q) The GOP opposition to the minimum wage. (1) — 1.6%
B) Because the Democratic Party has pushed a more appealing positive agenda than the Republicans. — 0%
C) Because the GOP is perceived as being too hard on illegal immigration. — 0%
N) The GOP hasn’t done enough to stop global warming. — 0%

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