Polling Right-Of-Center Bloggers On The Harriet Miers Nomination

by John Hawkins | October 10, 2005 6:50 am

Right Wing News emailed more than 200 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 4 questions about the Harriet Miers nomination. Representatives from the following 79 blogs responded…

Aaron’s CC[1], Absinthe & Cookies[2], Accidental Verbosity[3], Althouse[4], AnalPhilosopher[5], The Anchoress[6], Ankle Biting Pundits[7], Annika’s Journal[8], The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler[9], AtlanticBlog[10], Balloon Juice[11], La Shawn Barber[12], Betsy’s Page[13], Blackfive[14], BlameBush![15], Boi From Troy[16], Brainster’s Blog[17], Byrd Droppings[18], Capitalist Lion[19], Cold Fury[20], Collected Miscellany[21], Commonwealth Conservative[22], Cut On The Bias[23], Daily Pundit[24], Daly Thoughts[25], The Dawn Patrol[26], dcthornton.blog[27], Dodgeblogium[28], Dummocrats[29], Four Right Wing Wackos[30], Fraters Libertas[31], Gateway Pundit[32], Generation Why?[33], Guardian Watchblog[34], Heretical Ideas[35], Hog Haven[36], Hyscience[37], IMAO[38], Inoperable Terran[39], Iowa Voice[40], JackLewis[41], Knowledge Is Power[42], Michelle Malkin[43], Mountaneer Musings[44], Moxie[45], Multiple Mentality[46], No Speed Bumps[47], The Nose On Your Face[48], Not A Desperate Housewife[49], Nykola[50], Patio Pundit[51], The Patriette[52], Shrink Wrapped[53], Southern Appeal[54], My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy[55], The Patriot Blog![56], Peaktalk[57], PoliPundit[58], Pundit Guy[59], QandO[60], Reasoned Audacity[61], Red-State[62], Riehl World View[63], Right Side Redux[64], Right Thinking From The Left Coast[65], Right Wing News[66], Sane Nation[67], Isaac Schrödinger[68], Sister Toldjah[69], Six Meat Buffet[70], Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff[71], Natalie Solent[72], Solomonia[73], Stolen Thunder[74], Stop The ACLU[75], Stark Truth[76], This Blog Is Full Of Crap[77], Vox Popoli[78], Winds Of Change[79]

Here are the questions the bloggers were asked and their responses. The percentage & number of bloggers that chose each option follow the question.

1) Do you think George Bush made:

A) A good or excellent decision in selecting Harriet Miers as a nominee for the Supreme Court? (9% –7)
B) A bad or terrible decision in selecting Harriet Miers as a nominee for the Supreme Court? (49% — 39 responses)
C) A so-so decision? (20% — 16)
D) I’m not sure yet. (22% — 17)

2) Has the decision to select Harriet Miers:

A) Made you view George Bush more favorably? (4% — 3)
B) Made you view George Bush less favorably? (53% — 42)
C) Neither? (33% — 26)
D) I’m not sure yet. (10% – 8)

3) Would you prefer that George Bush:

A) Continue to support Harriet Miers? (41% — 32)
B) Withdraw the nomination of Harriet Miers? (34% — 27)
C) I’m not sure yet. (25% — 20)

4) If the Harriet Miers nomination is not withdrawn by President Bush, then at her confirmation hearings, would you prefer that Republican Senators:

A) Vote to confirm Harriet Miers? (33% — 26)
B) Vote against Harriet Miers? (34% — 27)
C) I’m not sure yet. (33% — 26)

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