Polygamy: The Future In America & Europe?

by John Hawkins | February 4, 2008 6:00 am

Polygamy & welfare benefits for multiple wives — this isn’t a story from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, it’s a story from Britain[1],

Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, the decision by ministers means that polygamous marriages can now be recognised formally by the state, so long as the weddings took place in countries where the arrangement is legal.

The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife, as is permitted under Islamic law. Ministers estimate that up to a thousand polygamous partnerships exist in Britain, although they admit there is no exact record.

…Income support for all of the wives may be paid directly into the husband’s bank account, if the family so choose. Under the deal agreed by ministers, a husband with multiple wives may also be eligible for additional housing benefit and council tax benefit to reflect the larger property needed for his family.

The ruling could cost taxpayers millions of pounds. Ministers launched a review of the benefit rules for polygamous marriages in November 2006, after it emerged that some families had benefited financially.

The review concluded in December last year with agreement that the extra benefits should continue to be paid, the Government admitted. The decision was not publicly announced.

Four departments – the Treasury, the DWP, HM Revenue and Customs, and the Home Office – were involved in the review, which concluded that recognising multiple marriages conducted overseas was “the best possible” option. In Britain, bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Islamic law permits men to have up to four wives at any one time – known as a harem – provided the husband spends equal amounts of time and money on each of them.

In Britain, they’re turning a blind eye towards polygamy in order to cater to Muslims. Here in the US, if gay marriage ever becomes the law of the land, polygamy, which has deeper historical roots across the world and here in the US, is sure to eventually follow. Most advocates of gay marriage will deny that, but a decade ago, most of them were even denying that they supported gay marriage themselves. Once a country starts down the slippery slope and begins unraveling its social fabric, it’s very difficult for it to ever get back to where it started from…

  1. story from Britain: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2008/02/03/nbenefit103.xml

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