Predictions For Michigan

by John Hawkins | January 15, 2008 12:25 pm

This time around, I’m going to have to forego making predictions because the polls are essentially a wash between Romney and McCain, BUT Democrats can vote in Michigan and since they don’t have a competitive race, you’d have to think a lot of them would vote in the Republican primary, which would seem to favor McCain. However, there are organized campaigns to get Democrats to vote for Mitt, because they want to stretch the GOP primary out as long as possible to increase the amount of infighting. As if that didn’t make things uncertain enough, my pal Em Zanotti[1], who lives in Michigan, tells me it snowed last night and is supposed to snow more later today, which should dampen turnout.

Long story short, I have no idea who’s going to win the GOP primary in Michigan. However, other people (less than usual) are venturing their opinions and here they are,

“The polls are open and time’s a-wastin’. If Romney can’t win on his home court then he can’t win anywhere, and I can’t believe he can’t win anywhere. Mitt in an upset, with a 50% chance of tears during the victory speech when he inevitably says something about Michigan having — oof — “brought home the gold.” Chance of tears from Hugh Hewitt? 100%.” — Allahpundit[2], Hot Air


* John McCain – 30%
* Mitt Romney – 29%
* Mike Huckabee – 21%
* Fred Thompson – 8%
* Ron Paul – 7%
* Rudy Giuliani – 4%
* Duncan Hunter – 1% — Election Projection[3]

“As polls open in Michigan, I’m going to go on and call it. I say Mitt Romney wins Michigan today, which is going to make him extremely competitive going into Super Tuesday.” — Erick Erickson[4], Redstate

“Final polls give a tight edge to Mitt Romney in the Michigan primary January 15th and even supporters of Sen. John McCain privately conceded to me that the former Massachusetts governor superior organization and funding gives him an advantage in the balloting.

But given the closeness of their contest and the fact that this is primary in which voters choose to participate in either the Republlican or Democratic balloting, no one will bet the farm that a Romney win–and with it, the survival of his campaign to fight another day–is fait accompli.” — John Gizzi[5], Human Events

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