Primetime RNC Review + W’s Speech

The entire primetime hour tonight was taken up with George W. Bush’s speech and it was not wasted time.

While W. isn’t a master orator like Reagan, or Clinton who can deliver a superb speech even though he’s reeling off a laundry list of programs, he helped himself tonight.

Bush’s speech was issue laden, he scored some points on John Kerry without coming across as mean-spirited, he ably defended his role as commander-and-chief, & he just oozed likability.

Overall, this was a much stronger convention than the one the Dems put on and I’m confident that Kerry was damaged, Bush was boosted, and the race has further tilted in W’s favor.

The poll numbers early next week? They should be sweet and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what the numbers look like in the big 4 states, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. But, we’ll have to wait until the 15th or so to tell how much momentum W will be able to retain.

Now, here’s W’s speech from last night…


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