Professor Invites Students to Non-Whites-Only Study Session

by Dave Blount | September 19, 2013 2:02 pm

The education establishment opens its arms in welcome to students of all races — except whites:

A Texas Christian University professor reached out in an e-mail to a group of students he deemed to be “of color” to help them succeed in his class. But the move backfired with at least one student, who was insulted at being included for her perceived ethnicity.

“After I read it, I read the names [of the other recipients] and they were just Hispanic last names,” said a student of Santiago Piñón, assistant professor of religion. (The student asked not to be identified by name. ) The message, addressed last week to her and eight other students — a copy of which was obtained by Inside Higher Ed — invited them to a special meeting Piñón said he wouldn’t mind ending up as “a study session for my STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY [emphasis his].” …

The student said she doesn’t strongly identify as Hispanic, although her last name is of Hispanic origin and she is one-quarter Hispanic.

Another student noted the obvious:

“Not trying to start anything, but if this had been an email saying he likes to meet with all the white students at the beginning of the semester, and then ended the email the way he did, but with WHITE STUDENTS ONLY, I guarantee you this would be all over the news in seconds.”

Obviously, the professor’s career would end immediately.

Here’s the email:


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