Public Service Announcement — How To Beat The W32/Blaster-A Worm

by John Hawkins | August 12, 2003 9:12 am

The W32/Blaster-A Worm is wreaking havoc all across the net on anyone with a XP, NT, or Windows 2000 OS who doesn’t have their security patches. This one is really spreading fast.

People hit with this worm are constantly being knocked off the net & forced to reboot.

The fix for this worm is the following patch[1]. Then you can clean the worm off your system with this[2].

If you’re on XP & are unable to download the patch before you’re knocked offline, go here[3] and you can get instructions to keep the virus from knocking you offline. That’ll enable you to get the patch and removal tool.

***Update***: The LovSan worm[4] (same thing) is spreading rapidly across Europe & Asia and according to the latest info in this article, “(n)early all versions of Windows are affected.”

  1. following patch:
  2. this:
  3. here:
  4. LovSan worm:

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